頂頭袋 (加強型)
頂頭袋 (加強型)
頂頭袋 (加強型)
頂頭袋 (加強型)
頂頭袋 (加強型)
SIGMA Reinforced Header Bags are made of Tyvek® and transparent, weight-resistant polyethylene. After the sterilization, the opening is tightly sealed to maintain the integrity of the whole packaging and is easy to open.

With reinforced seal ability, reinforced Header Bags are preferred for large and heavy medical devices than standard Header Bags, and are suitable for Plasma, Gamma, EO sterilization and various applications.

We provide accurate, safe and customized printing on Tyvek® with high-speed eight-color printing machines and eco-friendly water-based inks, and comply with international regulations such as FDA, EN868, ISO 11607 and ISO 11140-1.

SIGMA has the highest quality control systems for each procedure, including product development, design, quality inspection and marketing. With extensive experience in customized manufacturing, we design, develop and produce according to customers’ requirement.


  • Larger capacity than Header Bags (Standard) make it suitable for larger and heavier medical devices. 
  • Tight sealing and puncture resistance feature to support and suitable for sharp surgical devices High moisture resistance and microbial barrier makes it suitable for high dollar value implantable medical devices.
  • Tyvek® enables effective sterilization of surgical materials and ensure the sterile barrier system. 
  • With Tyvek® printing technology, ink printed on Tyvek is precise and settled.


  • Disposable surgical drape packs and equipment cover 
  • Large surgical supplies packaging 
  • Breastfeeding medical device products packaging 
  • Large surgical sets packaging

Technical Specifications

Top web Bottom web Specifications Sterilization methods
Model number Structure Thickness (um) Width (mm) Length (mm)
2FS (Laminated) PE 75 & 100 150~800 200~800 E.OPlasmaGamma
1059B (Laminated)
1073B (Laminated)


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