Exhibtions 2023-08-30

Unveiling BenQ Materials' Innovative Healthcare Solutions at MD&M Minneapolis

Get ready for groundbreaking healthcare solutions at MD&M Minneapolis this October, powered by BenQ Materials' unwavering commitment to materials science excellence.

1. Expanding Horizons in Healthcare: 

Explore a range of healthcare applications, including:

  • Wound Management: Redefine wound care with innovative solutions, unlocking new possibilities for healing and comfort.
  • Medical-Grade PVA Foam: Uncover foam innovations that enhance patient experience and outcomes.
  • Sterilization Packaging: Discover our expertise in medical packaging, ensuring top sterilization standards for medical devices and healthcare institutions.

2. October 10-11, Booth #3635: Save the date and immerse yourself in our world of healthcare innovation at the MD&M section of Advanced Manufacturing Minneapolis. Let's unite to explore, learn, and collaborate in reshaping the landscape of healthcare solutions. 

 Materials Matters. Start with BenQ Materials. See you there!