Corporate 2023-08-09

BenQ Materials Wins Asia Responsible Enterprise Award for Talent Cultivation

We're excited to announce BenQ Materials' recognition at the prestigious Asia Responsible Enterprise Awards, particularly in the "Investment in People" category. This achievement resonates deeply with SIGMA, our medical sterilization packaging brand under BenQ Materials. It underscores our shared values and commitment to nurturing diverse talents and fostering cultural integration.

In today's fast-changing landscape, embracing diversity and inclusivity is key. At SIGMA, we're dedicated to a versatile workforce and a culture of equality.

As the world adapts post-pandemic, our commitment to excellence stands firm. SIGMA leads in medical sterilization packaging, with an impact beyond products. Our forward-looking workplace and employee well-being initiatives set the industry standard in Taiwan.

Guided by our mission "Passion for Better Protection," SIGMA will continue collaborating closely with BenQ Materials. Together, we'll cultivate an excellent culture, empower diverse talents, and contribute to sustainable growth.