SIGMA Sustainable

Our mission is to play a role in protecting people’s health. It is part of a holistic mandate that includes a commitment to environmental sustainability, which is the basis of our parent company BenQ Materials’ Go Green initiative. We advance sustainable solutions for healthcare protection in a way that informs everything we do—from product design, operations management, governance, and local community engagement. This is an ethos embedded in our corporate name.


[S] Save the Environment

We value global environmental issues and mobilize resources to solve shared challenges.

[I] Impair Waste

We minimize waste in the use of materials needed to produce final products.

[G] Green DNA

We design our products with environmental sustainability at the core.

[M] Minimize Carbon Emissions

We collaborate with partners throughout the value chain to mitigate our carbon footprint.

[A] Afforestation

We are invested in greening our environment.

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