Seal with Precision: Medical Sealer

We are thrilled to introduce our latest addition to our medical sterilization packaging solutions: the Medical Sealer. Developed in collaboration with hawo GmbH, a highly respected German manufacturer, this new line of medical sealers is engineered to boost the efficiency and reliability of your medical packaging operations.

Global 2024-05-22

Elevate Your Food Packaging with SIGMA's Barrier Films!

SIGMA specializes in creating functional food films for specific packaging needs, enhancing both preservation and presentation. Our Food Barrier Film, featuring EVOH (Ethylene Vinyl Alcohol Copolymer) within its structure, excels in blocking air and moisture. This not only prolongs product shelf life but also retains fresh flavors and ensures visual appeal with its clarity and gloss.

Global 2024-03-27

Upgrade Your Food Packaging with SIGMA's Food Blister Film

SIGMA utilizes a seven-layer co-extrusion blown film process to deliver top-quality food packaging films. We provide professional solutions for food preservation and specialized packaging needs, serving a diverse range of applications such as meat products, dairy, beverages, and ready-to-eat sauces.

Global 2024-03-27

Introduction to SIGMA Medical Blister Film: Breakthrough Technology for Exceptional Packaging

SIGMA utilizes a rare seven-layer co-extrusion blown film machine to meticulously craft versatile medical blister film.

Global 2024-01-29

Enhancing Sterilization: SIGMA’s PE-Laminated Film for Medical Packaging

SIGMA proudly introduces its self-manufactured PE-Laminated Film designed specifically for low-temperature sterilization. This film caters to the requirements of heat-sensitive medical devices, such as catheters, dressings, safety syringes, and more.

Global 2024-01-29

Unlock Innovation in Medical Packaging with SIGMA's PP-Laminated Film!

Imagine a world where medical packaging seamlessly blends precision and care. That's exactly what SIGMA's PP-laminated film offers— a breakthrough for the healthcare industry.

Global 2024-01-08

SIGMA Coating Technology on Tyvek® Spotlight

Discover the innovation behind our Tyvek® Coating – a formulation designed for superior performance!

Global 2023-12-22

Frontline Insights: Sterilization Packaging Exchange to Understand Nursing Staff's User Experience

SIGMA recently hosted a successful product exchange event at Cheng Hsin General Hospital in Taipei. The main goal was to engage with nursing staff from the hospital's supply room, gaining insights into their practical needs with sterilization packaging.

Global 2023-12-01

BenQ Materials Healthcare Overview

BenQ Materials’ healthcare business is a global leader in innovative professional and consumer healthcare products. For medical professionals and patients, we provide protection and care for better outcomes. Our consumer products offer aesthetic and quality of life benefits for everyday healthcare.

Global 2023-11-10

Why is Tyvek® So Popular in Medical Packaging?

The popularity of Tyvek® as a packaging material is evident in its wide industrial application for medical devices, healthcare, and pharmaceuticals.

Global 2023-08-31

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